Introducing Our 4 year old preschool

Ages 3 ½ to 4 ½


 When entering our 4 year old preschool rooms, students will have already become very independent and will now primarily focus on fine motor and early cognitive skills such as:

1. Pencil grasp while writing letters and numbers on their own

2. Master 1 to 1 correspondence

3. Recognizing numbers 1-10 or higher

4. Introduced to graphing

5. Order objects to size, weight, or length

6. Recognizing most letters

7. Introduced to beginning letter sounds

8. Rhyming

9. Expanding their vocabulary through stories

10. Predicting what will happen next in a story

11. Understands how weather changes relate to the season and how it effects our environment

Feel free to call anytime for additional information or to set up a tour!



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