Introducing our Pre-Kindergarten Preschool

Ages 4 ½ to 5 ½

We understand the importance of laying the foundation for your child’s successful elementary school years. We take pride in knowing that our students continue on at the top of their class! Throughout this year we will not only provide all the skills necessary to succeed in Kindergarten, but we will also introduce many concepts that they will build on throughout the early elementary years.  Such skills are:


Writing skills

Appropriate upper and lower case use
Introduce D’nealian writing style
Handwriting on primary lines
Daily Journal Time

Language Art skills

Recognizes all letters
Recognizes most letter sounds
Understands beginning, middle, and ending sounds
Understands each letter has a sound and can hear it in words
Recognizes many sight words
Introduced to word families
Begin to read short text

Math Skills

Recognize numbers up to 20 or higher
Can count by 10’s
nderstands greater than less than
Understands early addition and subtraction
Recognizes coins and introduced to coin value
Introduce telling time

Science Skills

Understands the seasons and their characteristics
Introduce how seasons are affected by the earth’s rotation
Understands how day and night are related to the earth’s movement
Understands that environment supports life by meeting the unique needs of each organism

Feel free to call anytime for additional information or to set up a tour!

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