When your child has completed preschool at Loving Care Learning Center, he/she will have mastered the following skills:

Fine Motor

~Cutting many different shapes

~Writing all letters on primary lines

~Uses appropriate upper and lower case in their name

Self Help

~ Uses words to express themselves

~Takes responsibility for their own actions

~Understands the boundaries and rules of their classroom

~Is responsible  for their own belongings

~Zips and buttons their own jacket

Math Skills

~Understands one to one correspondence

~Understands patterning

~Recognizes numbers up through 20

~Understands greater than less than

~Is familiar with addition and subtraction signs and can complete simple problems

~Is able to read a bar graph

~Recognizes coins and uses the correct name

Language Arts skills

~Recognizes all letters, upper and lowercase

~Recognizes most, if not all letter sounds

~Understands rhyming and can name rhyming words

~Understands beginning sounds and can hear them in a given word

~Can begin to hear middle and ending sounds in words as well

~Recognizes some sight words

~Understands that we read from left to right

~Understands that each letter has a sound and can hear it in words

~May possibly begin to read short text

Science Skills

~ Has an understanding of how day and night are related to the Earth’s rotation

~Understands the sun’s purpose

~Can classify living and nonliving objects

~Understands the seasons and their characteristics

~Can identify all of their body parts

~Understands habitats and their importance

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